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Local Students Fight for a Voice

On November 13, a group of students at Central High School in Champaign formed a club for student rights. Less than a month after its creation, the Central Student Coalition (CSC) now has a total of eighty-three members. The coalition’s … Continue reading

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The Journey of a Tuna Fish Tin- A Look at Food Waste in Champaign-Urbana

“Food in this country – we waste it a lot and we eat it a lot. We eat too much of it. It is a kind of weird dichotomy,” says Benita Vonne Ortiz, recycling coordinator of the housing division of … Continue reading

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How We Censor the News

Once upon a time, there was a little radio station in a bustling university town. The station’s small staff labored mightily to provide daily fare for a growing audience. The year was 1939, and the future of the station seemed … Continue reading

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A Nation of L.A.W.?

You may have seen them outside the Urbana Post Office or the Free Library or the Champaign County courthouse during the lunch hour. Perhaps you’ve seen them at the junction of North Prospect Street and I-74 in Champaign. More recently, … Continue reading

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Firestone Pulls Out of Decatur

Forty miles to the west-southwest of Champaign-Urbana, a sinkhole is growing, slowly but surely. Its name is Decatur. This city’s economy, always reliant on the manual labor of its residents, has been slowly fading as industry emigrates. One of the … Continue reading

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All the News that Rhymes (Sometimes)

Newspoems have graced the pages of each edition of the public i to date, but Newspoetry was not originally published on newsprint. As a matter of fact, under its web site’s masthead you can sometimes find a quote by Thomas … Continue reading

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