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Rose Marshack’s Rock Reality

As more and more people have learned to trade MP3s over the Internet, profits in the recording industry have taken a nose dive. Apart from the availability of free music, another reason for this trend may have to do with … Continue reading

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Alloy Casting Dusting Its Neighbors

What would you do if your neighborhood suddenly came under attack not by terrorists or by crime, but by air so noxious that it damaged your property and endangered your health? While most of us will hopefully never have to … Continue reading

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Rubin Shouldn’t Escape Enron Investigation

One of the leading political figures embroiled in the Enron scandal is being handed a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, and he doesn’t deserve it. That is Robert Rubin, President Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary. Rubin seems to have everything … Continue reading

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Art & Revolution: Amber Moore

Wandering planet earth, searching on the wavelength mismatches for a universal sense of who we are, what we want, beauty we see. The art: conglomerations of being, awareness of what is there and where it comes from, pulling fragments into … Continue reading

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Art & Revolution: Rob Scott

Rob Scott may talk about himself, but he’s no solipsist. I, my name is Rob Scott, am not a jackass, an elephant, or a color. Oh wait, darn, my mind says “I shouldn’t.” *Ahem*, scratch that, I should start over. … Continue reading

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Art & Revolution: Pauline Bartolone

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