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Art & Revolution: Rob Scott

Rob Scott may talk about himself, but he’s no solipsist. I, my name is Rob Scott, am not a jackass, an elephant, or a color. Oh wait, darn, my mind says “I shouldn’t.” *Ahem*, scratch that, I should start over. … Continue reading

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Art & Revolution: Pauline Bartolone

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Art & Revolution

Opposed to the war in Afghanistan and critical of corporate intentions, a small group meets Wednesday evenings on the second floor of a quaint Urbana apartment. Taking part in an activity referred to as Art and Revolution, the individuals unite … Continue reading

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A Charter School? What’s Up With That?

A personal reflection on the effort to establish a K-8 Charter School in Champaign-Urbana To tell the story of the Champaign-Urbana Charter School Initiative (CUCSI) is in essence to tell my own story. It involves the thoughts and experiences of … Continue reading

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Letters from Readers: Why So Bloodthirsty?

Why have Americans been so gung-ho about engaging in a war? There is an overall context in which this conflict occurred, a history in which our nation has played an active and heavy hand, and so why do we call … Continue reading

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Letters from Readers: Armory Fee? Say it ain’t so…

For over a year now, I have regularly enjoyed exercising at the Armory on the University of Illinois campus. The area in the Armory where the track is located is a cavernous and drab place where people come to burn … Continue reading

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The Roots and Righteousness of the African American Demand for Reparations

“If the strict law of right and justice is observed, the country around about me, or the sunny South, is the entitled inheritance of the Americans of African descent, purchased by the invaluable labor of our ancestors, through a life … Continue reading

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