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Hybrid Car Inspires Cleaner, Greener Government

In the wake of last year’s rollbacks for theallowable limit of arsenic in drinking water initiated by President Bush (whom Christie Todd Whitman, head of the EPA, called the “best environmental President we have ever had”), many ecologically-minded citizens are … Continue reading

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1597 Linen condom invented. Previous condoms had been made of animal membranes. 1869 The electric vibrator makes its debut with the invention of a steam-powered massager, patented by an American doctor and designed as a medical tool for treating “female … Continue reading

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A Victory for the Living Wage and Local Democracy in Champaign County

On February 25, 2002, two important things happened in Champaign County. First, after four and a half years of research, community education, and organizational networking, the Champaign County Living Wage Association (CCLWA) achieved a significant goal when the Champaign County … Continue reading

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Fighting for Civil Liberties in the Land of the Free

In the Beginning In the dicey spring and summer of 1788, with the fate of the Constitution hanging by a thread and this land engulfed in bitter political feuding between Federalists and anti-Federalists, the anti-Federalist “Brutus” published a series of … Continue reading

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Memories of Ashcroft

In times of emergency, nations have historically set aside certain civil liberties – a notable (and shameful) example in our own country being the herding of Japanese-Americans into detention camps during World War II. Many of us are concerned now … Continue reading

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Napster Didn’t Hurt Music Sales

I would like to thank the public i for running the article by the wonderfully talented Rose Marshack. Her insights into the music business were very interesting and informative. I do, however, have one point to make, and that is … Continue reading

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