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A Gourmet Feast of the Senses

I feel cheated when I have to miss the Farmer’s Market in Lincoln Square on Saturday mornings. There’s just something very appealing about open-air markets, this one especially so because of its incredible variety. There is everything from produce, baked … Continue reading

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Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture

THE BIGGER PICTURE Community Supported Agriculture is a system in which consumers receive food directly from the farmers who produce it. But unlike a farmers market system, supporters of community agriculture actually share in part of the farmers’ risk. That … Continue reading

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Yes– Boca Burgers, Too

Kraft’s products can be found in 99% of households in the US. Many of Kraft’s foods contain inadequately tested and unlabeled genetically engineered (GE) ingredients such as GE corn, GE soy, GE Canola and dairy products from cows treated with … Continue reading

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Hold the Pepperoni

Striking meatpackers at Tyson Foods have called for a national boycott of Tyson-made pizza toppings – particularly at Tyson’s biggest pepperoni customers, Pizza Hut and KRAFT FOODS, makers of DiGiorno. Tyson, best known for its chicken processing, is muscling into … Continue reading

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Food Democracy

Today, in an era of globalization, the movement and trade of food has intensified tremendously. People, products, and ideas cross national boundaries with increasing quantity and speed. Individuals live, work, and raise families in countries different than their homeland. When … Continue reading

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