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Become a Member of the UCIMC

The UCIMC membership is the UCIMC.Although some people are able to volunteer more time than others, every member is equally important when it comes to deciding the direction for Indymedia in Urbana-Champaign. From the beginning, our IMC was founded on … Continue reading

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Hijacking Catastrophe

After the attacks of 9/11, the Bush administration entered into a “war on terrorism” that seemed to have little regard for the facts at hand and consequently little concern for justice. Compendia of the “lies” that led to the occupation … Continue reading

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Vote Your Conscience

“While our hand carries the good intent to what seems to be its consummation, the fruit of evil grows from the seeds of noble thought.” — Hans Morgenthau I had what I believed to be the worst job in the … Continue reading

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Opus Dei: Doing “the Work” in Urbana

Dan Brown’s recent bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, propelled a controversial religious organization called Opus Dei into the public eye. One character in the novel, Silas, is an Opus Dei “monk” who wears a robe and kills people who appear … Continue reading

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The Work Americans Won’t Do: How Latinos Bear the Brunt of Local, National, and Global Policy

“Food harvesters have always been treated he worst and paid the least inAm eri c a ,”Hu gh Phill i p s , the director of E l Cen tro, l oc a ted at 4 Bu ena Vista Co … Continue reading

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Pages to Prisoners

While American politicians repeatedly throw around words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberation’ as cornerstones of their policies, approximately 1.4 million inmates sit in U.S. prisons. Why is this? Why does America have so many jails? One might be tempted to respond … Continue reading

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