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Guard Your Girls From Gardasil: What every woman and parent should know before considering the HPV vaccine.

Recently, the media has been saturated with ads promoting Gardasil, the Human Papillomavirus vaccine created by Merck. The overwhelming tone of this campaign is that cervical cancer is a growing epidemic and that the best preventative measure is to inoculate … Continue reading

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Vagina Monologues in China

THE POLITICAL AND THE CULTURAL I have, for many years, been interested in how a single political ideology or a set of political institutions will vary when they are implemented in different cultural contexts. For example, in 1988 I published … Continue reading

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Sgt. Myers Given Probation: Torture of Inmates Goes Unpunished by State’s Attorney

Former Sergeant William Alan Myers pleaded guilty to charges of felony disorderly conduct and misdemeanor aggravated battery on Monday, October 26. Charges of felony obstruction of justice and felony aggravated battery were dropped. He received two years probation, a $500 … Continue reading

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A Response to Champaign Authorities Who Dispute Need for a Citizen Police Review Board

In a recent News Gazette article by Mike Monson, dated January 21, 2007 and entitled, Cities Taking Different Tacks on Police Review Issue, City Councilman, Michael La Due is quoted as saying that he would “want to see compelling evidence … Continue reading

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Lesbian Activism and Women’s History in the Cold War Era

ORGANIZING WOMEN’S HISTORIES Which women do we remember when we think about women’s history and which do we forget? What kind of woman has remained invisible when the idea of Women’s History itself becomes institutionalized? Questions like these are not … Continue reading

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