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Batey Libertad: “They deport us for being Black”

Your life is illegal. You are told you must leave the only home you have ever known. You are told this not only with words, but with a brutal force and not one moment to prove your legality. This is … Continue reading

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Elvira Arellano: Inspiring the Immigrant Rights Struggle

Candles shone brightly in the hands of Latino immigrants and their supporters, as vigils were held in communities across the country to protest the capture of Elvira Arellano by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Over the last year, … Continue reading

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Toxic Tours

Neighborhoods that are occupied by the poor and people of color face many challenges that remain hidden from public view. Lack of grocery stores in walking distance, the policing of Douglass Park, and the location of a former coal to … Continue reading

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Citizen Police Review Boards As Summer Ends: East 1, West 0

When Laurel Prussing ran for Mayor of Urbana in 2005, she promised to support an independent board to oversee the police, as did most City Council candidates. When the new Mayor and City Counci ltook office, they first provided for … Continue reading

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Canadian Police Provocateurs Caught With Their Boots On

The accompanying photo shows police kneeling over and cuffing three supposed protestors during the North American Summit on August 21 and 22, 2007. President Bush, Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada, and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico were meeting as … Continue reading

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CU Citizens Help Ms. Davis Move Out Of Bullet- Riddled House

On Saturday, August 18, 2007, Champaign- Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice pitched in to get Ms. Mildred Davis moved out of her house at 4 Hedge Court, nearly two months after a tragedy struck her home. Champaign police were … Continue reading

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