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Teaching and Learning Danville’s Prison

THREE YEARS AGO, I APPLIED FOR A JOB teaching a basic Western art history survey course, at a men’s prison in Danville, Illinois. It would be my first job out of graduate school and one that has since shaped my … Continue reading

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You Can’t Jail the Spirit: US Political Prisoners and POWs

COMPILED BY THE PRISON ACTIVIST RESOURCE CENTER. For other Political Prisoner/POW-related resources, go to our political prisoner page. The list is alphabetical. And as of February 2005, there are so many names that we have split off onto separate pages … Continue reading

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Three Cops Versus an Entire Community

Probable cause, probable cause You don’t have to break no laws They say probable cause —Brand Nubian, hip hop group NEARLY A YEAR AGO, on March 30, 2007, when a 17 year-old black youth was stopped in Douglass Park, pepper … Continue reading

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Pezzullo Interview On Fifth & Hill

Phaedra C. Pezzullo, is Assistant Professor of Communication and Culture at Indiana University. What are your thoughts on Fifth and Hill? It’s important to recognize that environmental racism or environmental pollution has been disproportionately placed in communities of color and … Continue reading

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A Toxic Legacy: Douglass Park Residents In Their Own Words, Part 2

THE DOUGLASS PARK NEIGHBORHOOD is home to a toxic legacy. Beneath the vacant lot at 5th and Hill, the soil and groundwater have long been contaminated. Along with an abandoned pump house, this contamination is the last remaining sign that … Continue reading

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In prison when someone snaps in an extraordinarily shocking manner; the perfect inmate, about to parole out, walks into the shift office, closes the door, tells the warden and entire staff what’s wrong with the criminal justice system in general … Continue reading

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