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Headlines From the DNC: A Kinder, Gentler Police State

Convergence Center Being Raided by Denver Police *Happening right now* The Convergence Center for activist coordination and planning, etc. is about to be raided by the Denver Police Department. Two people have been arrested, another is being detained, reports … Continue reading

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1968/2008: Making Power for Change

FOR THE LAST DECADE, we have been witnessing a promise of resurgence in political activity, from small youth walk-outs to protests against the global giants—the World Trade Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Renewed anti-war and peace efforts and massive … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye To Freedoms Of Protest And The Press

A MOST REMARKABLE THING happened in St. Paul before and during the Republican National Convention. Prior to the convention, the St. Paul police and federal agents raided locations in which journalists were making preparations to cover the planned demonstrations. One … Continue reading

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Code Pink

CODEPINK IS BRINGING THOUSANDS of women together to struggle for peace, even if it requires civil disobedience. The organization is working around the clock, to educate the public about the costs of war and its affect on the world and … Continue reading

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In a small claims case local black activist Patrick Thompson filed pro se against his former attorney, Harvey Welch, a judge decided that legal malpractice had been committed and ruled in Thompson’s favor. Thompson says he is donating the $3,000 … Continue reading

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Patrick Thompson and Martel Miller Arrive At Settlement on Eavesdropping Charges

IN NEGOTIATIONS THIS SUMMER, Patrick Thompson and Martel Miller arrived at a settlement in a civil suit against local authorities claiming their civil rights had been violated when eavesdropping charges were leveled against them in 2004 for videotaping the police. … Continue reading

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