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Native American Healthcare Lagging Behind the Rest

THE EXPECTED LIFE SPAN OF THE NATIVE AMERICANS is nearly five years less than for the general population of the United States and stands around 72. In 1972-1974, infant and maternal mortality rates were, respectively, 25% and 82% higher than … Continue reading

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Acupuncturists Without Borders

ON MARCH 19, 2009, the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing on the increasing number of suicides in the armed forces. The high ranking officers attempted to provide a strategy for preventing this crisis among the military services … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform = Political Realignment

THE POLITICAL WAR WAGING around health care reform has major ramifications beyond the single issue of health care. Not since the mid-60 has there been an attempt to fundamentally reshape and realign the policies of this country for the common … Continue reading

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The Cost of an Exhibit: Beyond the Chief

IN MID-FEBRUARY, HOCK E AYE VI, Edgar Heap of Birds, a Cheyenne-Arapaho artist, visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. Just days after his “Beyond the Chief” exhibit debuted on Nevada Street, Heap of Birds gave a talk about … Continue reading

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What April 7 Means for Urbana Schools

COUNTY RESIDENTS MAY WANT TO PAY close attention to the outcome of the local election next month. A proposed school sales tax increase to fund school-based projects for Urbana schools will be on the April 7 Champaign County ballot. Should … Continue reading

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Unifying Our Nation and Resolving Our Crisis in Health Care

THE DASCHLE-LAMBREW POSITION, as expressed by Barack Obama during the campaign, contends that single-payer (SP, approximately Canadian-style) health care makes the most sense for its efficiency and ability to stabilize health care financing. But that SP is “not politically feasible … Continue reading

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