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Democracy and Israeli’s Other Citizens

MAY 15 IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE establishment of the state of Israel which is celebrated every year with pride and jubilance. The Palestinians in Israel, however, have very little to celebrate. Although most of them are citizens, they have … Continue reading

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Executive Pay at the University of Illinois

MANY HAVE EXPRESSED OUTRAGE at the $20 billion in bonuses handed out to Wall Street executives, even as they were receiving bailout assistance from the federal government. As the “business model” has crept into the university, we find the same … Continue reading

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There is s War Going on for Your Mind: Labor Media in Central Illinois

UNTIL THE LATE 1970‘S, EVERY MAJOR newspaper in the United States had at least one labor reporter with regular stories about unions and working class issues. Labor related news stories were also heard regularly on radio stations, and begining in … Continue reading

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Students Shut Down CIA Recruiting at UIUC

ON APRIL 9, MEMBERS OF THE Campus Antiwar Network, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and the International Socialist Organization joined forces for a third annual protest against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruitment session at the University of Illinois at … Continue reading

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Racial Profiling Incident Leads to Police Shooting of “Toto” Kaiyewu

A PRESS CONFERENCE WAS HELD at the Independent Media Center with the family of Oluwatofunmi Kaiyewu, a 23 year-old medical student who was killed by police on April 6, 2009. This bizarre series of events began in the former “sundown … Continue reading

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Press Release from the Native American House

PUBLIC ART EXHIBIT AT NATIVE AMERICAN HOUSE VANDALIZED AGAIN APRIL 7, 2009 Three signs that are part of the “Beyond the Chief” exhibit outside Native American House and American Indian Studies buildings were vandalized between Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon. … Continue reading

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