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Turkish Teacher Union Activists Arrested

When I arrived to Ankara, Turkey on Friday May 29 to speak at an international conference sponsored by the Teachers Union, Egitim Sen, I was informed that police forces had launched operations against their parent union, KESK’s (the confederation of … Continue reading

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UCIMC at Americian Library Association Conference

The UCIMC will host a table at the 17th annual Alternative Media Reception, Monday July 13th from 7–10PM at Experimental Station, 6100 S. Blackstone Ave., Chicago. Sponsored by the Alternative Media Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) … Continue reading

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U.S. Labor Against the War

”We are living in an era in which the government has manipulated our nation’s fear of terrorism to launch wars, destroy our economic security, undermine government services, erode our democratic rights and intensify racism, sexism, religious discrimination and divisions among … Continue reading

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Afghanistan, a Beautiful Place Now Covered with Landmines

After 30 years, Champaign native and Gulf War veteran, Shaheen Shorish, still vividly recalls the blood-soaked Persian carpets prominently displayed on the lawns of the royal palace in Kabul in 1978. The perpetrators of the Soviet-backed coup d’état, that unseated … Continue reading

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Alternative Solutions Without Reliance

Recent closures of Autumn Glen and Gateway Studios brought a festering situation to Champaign-Urbana’s socio-economic surface. Former residents of these housing complexes, unexpectedly rendered homeless, learned of the dire circumstances which the existing homeless community has been facing. Champaign-Urbana lacks … Continue reading

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Low Income Housing: Affordable for Whom?

Whether advocating relocation assistance for displaced tenants, providing services to homeless families or working on any anti-poverty effort, one reality will surely be the biggest road block. Most “affordable housing” is too expensive for low-wage workers. More than one of … Continue reading

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