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Ethnic Violence in China: A Conflict Under Wraps

CHINA HAS LOST A LOT OF BLOOD THIS MONTH, and as it continues to dribble red, the rest of the world is straining to understand China’s inability to have anticipated and managed the situation. China is rife with ethnic conflict, … Continue reading

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Safe Haven Tent Community Goes to Court

A CROWD OF APPROXIMATELY 20 people showed up in city court on July 28, 2009 to watch the proceedings in a case against Jesse Masengale, a member of the Safe Haven Tent Community. After a group of homeless men and … Continue reading

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A Memorial for Archie Green: A Union Man, Laborlore Scholar, Folklife Advocate and Legend

THIS PAST MARCH, ARCHIE GREEN passed away. He was 91. Archie collected and catalogued songs, poems, and stories produced by ordinary people that described their work experiences, and their lives as workers. He studied Library Science at the University of … Continue reading

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Tasers, the Upside and the Downside

CURRENTLY, 14,200 OUT OF 17,876 state and local law enforcement agencies in the U.S. possess tasers (2009 figures). In Champaign County, the Sheriff’s Department has them for use anywhere in the county and in the two jails. The cities of … Continue reading

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Unilaterally Punitive

THE UNITED STATES IS UNIQUE in the world for its overzealous love affair with life without parole sentences (LWOP). It is one of the few western countries to have LWOP sentences and the only country in North America to have … Continue reading

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Vigil for Reform at Tamms Supermax Prison in Southern Illinois

INCARCERATION AT THE TAMMS SUPERMAX was approved by the Illinois legislature in 1998 as a short-term, one-year “shock-treatment” program for men in other Illinois prisons,who cause harm to guards or other inmates. However, Tamms has become a warehouse of human … Continue reading

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