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Unilaterally Punitive

THE UNITED STATES IS UNIQUE in the world for its overzealous love affair with life without parole sentences (LWOP). It is one of the few western countries to have LWOP sentences and the only country in North America to have … Continue reading

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Vigil for Reform at Tamms Supermax Prison in Southern Illinois

INCARCERATION AT THE TAMMS SUPERMAX was approved by the Illinois legislature in 1998 as a short-term, one-year “shock-treatment” program for men in other Illinois prisons,who cause harm to guards or other inmates. However, Tamms has become a warehouse of human … Continue reading

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24 Hours in Gaza

I FIRST WANT TO THANK THE C-U COMMUNITY for their support of my participation in the Viva Palestina delegation. There is amazing local solidarity for justice in Palestine, and many people gave generously to make my trip possible. The Viva … Continue reading

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