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Injustices Observed First-hand

On November 6, 2009, we returned from a ten-day visit to Palestine and Israel. Our trip was organized by John Setterlund, a retired campus minister from Urbana who had recently spent two years working at a Lutheran complex in Beit … Continue reading

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UC-IMC Celebrates 10 Years of Independent Media

NOVEMBER 30, 1999 (N30): WTO PROTESTS IN SEATTLE The “Battle in Seattle” took place when the World Trade Organization was targeted for protests by a wide range of organizations that included labor unions, anarchists, environmentalists, peace activists, and representatives from … Continue reading

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Chinese Profs Respond to the Public i on Their Government’s Response to Violence in Xinjiang

In the August 2009 issue of the Public i, we published an article that was very critical of the Chinese government’s treatment of the Uygur (or Uighur, as it is usually spelled in the U.S.) minority. This article was read … Continue reading

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Unforgivable Blackness: The Lingering Legacy of Jack Johnson

”The reason Jack Johnson was so beset by his own country, a country ironically which had only recently reaffirmed that all men were created equal, was because of his Unforgivable Blackness.” —W.E.B. DuBois Jack Johnson was an African American boxer … Continue reading

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”Students For Justice In Palestine” Question Israeli Studies

On a visit to Israel in 2007, then Chancellor Richard Herman expressed his opposition to a boycott of Israeli academics supported by Great Britain’s University and College Union. Herman stated that “Scholarship and research must remain fluid and borderless, unconstrained … Continue reading

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Report Back From Inside the Occupation of Campbell Hall, UCLA

LOS ANGELES 11/21—Just after midnight in the early hours of Thursday November 19th a group of about 30 students seized Campbell Hall on the UCLA campus and began their occupation of the building. The building was renamed Carter Higgins Hall … Continue reading

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