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Learning to Ask the Right Questions About Domestic Violence

HOW MANY OF YOU KNEW that the first shelters for animals predated those for women in our society? Legislation and organizations to protect animals and children also came before protections for women. This information was new to me, though unfortunately … Continue reading

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Illinois Prisoners Bilked Out of Millions Through DOC Commissary Surcharges

FEW PRISONERS WOULD BE SHOCKED to learn that they are paying too much for items sold in prison commissaries or canteens. The Illinois Dept. of Corrections (IDOC), however, has taken commissary price-gouging to an extreme level. In order to generate … Continue reading

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Errata (journalistic Latin for “I goofed”)

In my article, “New York/Champaign: Policing and Race,” in the February issue of the Public i, I made three mistakes. I wrote that blacks drivers were over twice as likely to be stopped as whites by the Champaign police. While … Continue reading

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You Have Come a Long Way, Baby, But You Have a Long Way to Go

THE SEPT. 16, 2009 ISSUE OF Newsweek that included titles from Hear Her Roar to Working Women are Poised to Become the Biggest Economic Engine the World Has Ever Known, and The Foundation for a New Prosperity is typical of … Continue reading

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