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The Anti-Semitism Debate

What do the names Berman, Rosenzweig, and Kagan have in common? They are all Jewish¬† names, and they belong to activist librarians who have worked for justice for Palestinians¬† wherever they have lived. I have participated with two colleagues in … Continue reading

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The Ogoni Struggle in Nigeria

Nigeria was a colony of Great Britain from the turn of the twentieth century until 1960. It is about 1/3 larger than the state of Texas, but is by far the most populous country in Africa with over 120 million … Continue reading

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Letters from Readers: Fooled Again

“We won’t get fooled again.” The Who And so it has come to this. The Who sang their 1960s anthem at the recent Madison Square Garden Concert for New York City (Saturday, October 20th on VH1 TV) to honor the … Continue reading

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