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Ben Fletcher IWW

Born in Philadelphia in 1890, Ben Fletcher was the most important African American labor leader in the most influential union of the early 20th century, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). This was no small accomplishment considering that this … Continue reading

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”Students For Justice In Palestine” Question Israeli Studies

On a visit to Israel in 2007, then Chancellor Richard Herman expressed his opposition to a boycott of Israeli academics supported by Great Britain’s University and College Union. Herman stated that “Scholarship and research must remain fluid and borderless, unconstrained … Continue reading

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The Persistence of Racial Conflict in American Labor Unions: The Case of Henry Bell

On January 20, 2006, Henry W. Bell III, a 41-year-old African-American journeyman electrician, resident of Champaign, and member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 601, filed a civil lawsuit against his union. Bell’s allegations of racial discrimination against … Continue reading

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The U.S., Israel, and Lebanon: Historical Roots and Patterns of Conflict

The destructive and lethal forces unleashed this past summer by the United States and Israel upon Lebanon are not surprising in light of their historical roots in at least four patterns of conflict: First, the unwillingness of Israel and its … Continue reading

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