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Twenty Years After Iran-Contra, Washington’s Role in Nicaragua Still a Scandal

Imagine Osama bin Laden visiting the United States ten or 15 years from now, telling Americans who to vote for if they want to avoid getting hurt. It would never happen, but in Nicaragua something very similar happened in the … Continue reading

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Globalization Fails to Deliver the Goods

One of the good things about the stock market coming back down to Earth after a prolonged bubble is that it leads people to question other misconceptions about the economy. When stock prices were soaring we heard all kinds of … Continue reading

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Rubin Shouldn’t Escape Enron Investigation

One of the leading political figures embroiled in the Enron scandal is being handed a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, and he doesn’t deserve it. That is Robert Rubin, President Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary. Rubin seems to have everything … Continue reading

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Non-Patients Need a Bill of Rights

The system of managed care — getting our health care through HMO’s and other large insurers — has failed. Continue reading

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