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Hard Up for Work

By Ricky Baldwin Mary is laid off from her job in food service at the University of Illinois four times a year for a total of four and a half months. During this time, she does not count as unemployed. … Continue reading

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Letting Them Eat Cake at the University of Illinois

Loudly proclaiming its poverty whenever workers want a raise, the University of Illinois belies this claim through actions like hiring incoming President Michael Hogan at $620,000 a year “base” salary, plus retention bonus and perks. That’s more than a third … Continue reading

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Organizing the Unemployed

A disheveled man stands in a local post office asking for spare change. Another man hands him a dollar and strikes up a conversation, fishers-of-men style. The second man describes a local effort among unemployed and underemployed workers to get … Continue reading

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Labor in a Crucible

IN THE 1880’S, THE KNIGHTS OF LABOR constructed a much broader vision of organized labor than the “business unionism” of its craft union rivals that became the American Federation of Labor (AFL). The Knights welcomed unskilled workers, of any race … Continue reading

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Citizen Police Review Boards As Summer Ends: East 1, West 0

When Laurel Prussing ran for Mayor of Urbana in 2005, she promised to support an independent board to oversee the police, as did most City Council candidates. When the new Mayor and City Counci ltook office, they first provided for … Continue reading

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Major Agreement Signed With Tomato Pickers!

Just four days ahead of a formal nationwide boycott by tomato pickers and their allies, on April 9, 2007, fastfood giant McDonald’s Corporation signed a historic agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the grassroots labor association of mostly immigrant … Continue reading

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