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Wanted!: Empire. Dead or Alive

By Jodi A. Byrd and Manu Vimalassery When President Obama stepped from the Oval Office into a live broadcast to announce the killing of Osama bin Laden this past May 1, by “beltway” estimates of American political conversation he had … Continue reading

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Racial Microaggressions and its Impact on Campus Climate at the University of Illinois

On November 4, 2008, the first person of color was elected President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. It is true that President Obama did break down some racial barriers, However, many … Continue reading

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Native American Healthcare Lagging Behind the Rest

THE EXPECTED LIFE SPAN OF THE NATIVE AMERICANS is nearly five years less than for the general population of the United States and stands around 72. In 1972-1974, infant and maternal mortality rates were, respectively, 25% and 82% higher than … Continue reading

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The Wampanoag were the Native American tribe encountered by the early colonists when they arrived to the shores of Wampanoag lands. The tribal nation, however, was not to receive federal recognition until last year. The struggle for tribal recognition faced … Continue reading

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UPTV and the Chief Controversies

The glaring similarities between the controversy surrounding the broadcast of the anti-Semitic videos on Urbana Public Television and the characterization of a Native American during athletic events and in the Homecoming Parade at the U of I are that: (1) … Continue reading

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Vernon Bellecourt: A Life of Struggle for Indian Rights

“Our detractors always say, ‘We are honoring you,’ It’s not an honor. In whose honor? We have to ask. Beginning with the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, about 16 million of us were wiped out, including whole villages in Washington, where … Continue reading

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UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples Rings Hollow at UIUC

IN SEPTEMBER OF 2007, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a landmark declaration in support of the rights of an estimated 370 million indigenous peoples in some 70 countries worldwide, prohibiting State discrimination against them in both practice … Continue reading

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Native Women’s Resurgence at UIUC

Ask your friends and family to name any American Indian women. It is likely that Sacagawea and Pocahontas will be the only ones they know. Why is it that these two Native women have acquired mythical status in American history … Continue reading

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Enough Dancing Around the Chief Issue

The Public i offers its readers the two articles that follow on the issue of the Chief.Usually the paper does not publish two articles on the same subject in the same issue. Because of the importance of the issue locally … Continue reading

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