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Awakening to The Limits of the Obama Presidency

There are folks who seem to keep hoping that Obama has a “progressive” side which we will all soon see emerge—reminiscent of the transformation of Clark Kent to Superman in the phone booth. Yet, I can’t help wondering if all … Continue reading

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2010 U. S. Social Forum, Detroit

If you want to connect to people involved in just about every social justice issue our nation faces, you would find your people at the US Social Forum. The first USSF was held in Atlanta in 2007. This year the … Continue reading

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The Legacy Of The 1999 WTO “Battle Of Seattle” On Champaign-Urbana

During the late summer and early fall of 1999, I saw a multitude of e-mails and postings on the relatively new internet, from numerous citizens’ organizations and individuals, indicating their plans to go to Seattle in November to protest the … Continue reading

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Unifying Our Nation and Resolving Our Crisis in Health Care

THE DASCHLE-LAMBREW POSITION, as expressed by Barack Obama during the campaign, contends that single-payer (SP, approximately Canadian-style) health care makes the most sense for its efficiency and ability to stabilize health care financing. But that SP is “not politically feasible … Continue reading

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U.S. Government’s Anti-Democratic Media Operations

Robert McChesney’s and Mike Weisbrot’s article on the Venezuelan government’s lifting of the license of RCTV and the outcry in the U.S. over its being a violation of the freedom of the press needs to be situated in the context … Continue reading

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Media Reform Activists Come Together in Memphis

The 2007 Media Reform conference organized by Free Press met in Memphis, Tennessee this year. After holding conferences in Madison and St. Louis, this year’s organizers are to be congratulated for taking the event to the South, where many stories … Continue reading

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New York City IMC Responds to the Death of Brad Will

New York City Brad Will was killed on October 27, 2006, in Oaxaca, Mexico, while working as a journalist for the global Indymedia network. He was shot in the torso while documenting an armed, paramilitary assault on the Popular Assembly … Continue reading

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Little ‘Gitmo’: Activists Held in Captivity during the Republican National Convention

Media Center were arrested in a mass round-up of peaceful demonstrators just one block from the site of the former World Trade Center in New York City. The arrest led to a two and a half day ordeal for the … Continue reading

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Chuck D Takes on MTV

(originally published by the Ashville Global Report) Chuck D, front man of the Hip-hop group Public Enemy, is once again at odds with the mainstream music world, this time over song lyrics that MTV finds objectionable. So what is the … Continue reading

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Public Interest Angels Descend Upon the FCC

“The night after I was sworn in, I waited for a visit from the angel of public interest. I waited all night, but she did not come. I still have had no divine awakening and no one has issued me … Continue reading

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