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Makerspace Urbana Brings Tech Knowledge to UC-IMC

An unusual group for Urbana-Champaign has begun meeting at the IMC recently. They plan to forge a new model for creating and democratizing technology within the community. Urbana-Champaign has been fortunate to have community groups and workshops capable of teaching … Continue reading

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Announcing the IMC Computer Help Desk

The Urbana-Champaign community has had a deficit of realistic personal computer support options since Prairienet faded away. The existing options for computer support in Urbana- Champaign are limited to Best Buy’s Geek Squad, two or three local businesses and UIUC’s … Continue reading

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No Room for Neutrality in Net Neutrality

Imagine the Internet as being like cable television. To access websites of your choosing, you’ll have to pay extra to your Internet service provider (ISP). To put up your own website or blog, you’ll have to pay an additional surcharge … Continue reading

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Napster Didn’t Hurt Music Sales

I would like to thank the public i for running the article by the wonderfully talented Rose Marshack. Her insights into the music business were very interesting and informative. I do, however, have one point to make, and that is … Continue reading

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