What is the Struggle?

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Recapturing the captives
Minds lost because we’ve adapted
Adopted ideas and definitions that tell us what Black is
A month to discuss
So we rush,
Demanding holidays and a place on the bus, that don’t lead “back to Africa”
Putting men on pedestals that your enemies help you boost
So the chickens rarely come home to roost.
On this Sojourn
We hide from Truth
Bombarded daily with the brainwash, but,
Renaissance Poets are the stain wash
For ‘spots’ scattered throughout the hood
On special occasions
We all hold hands and the complacent tell you,
”It’s all good, somebody died for you,”
I know,
Malcolm, Martin, Medgar
And a bunch mo’ too, but now,
What does that do?
Even sinless,
We still spiral into an abyss that’s endless
Are we suppose to pretend this
Stealing of our souls,
Wasn’t done by so-called Christians?
This must be mentioned,
Because the most important thing stolen was your attention!
Twelve months minus one still leaves eleven,
Leadership is nothing with followers who are afraid to go to Heaven
Be it in your mind, or a place in the sky,
We run from knowledge and ain’t no-body rushin’ to die, for what they believe in,
Excuse after excuse
Is what they keep preach-in
Do you know who you are?
That you possess more energy than an atom bomb,
Do you know you’re a star?
We scream progress because this month use to be a week,
That’s why you’re constantly told you’re the meek
Because the weak
Are fit to be slaves,
Given dominion of the world
And this is how we behave,
Begging at an altar for forgiveness when we falter
Instead of coming at them in waves of consciousness
We indulge in non-sense, thus,
We perish while we breathe,
Our children seethe with anger
Because they see us as hypocrites and cowards,
So we beat them,
The way the slave masters did us,
We lie to them and destroy their trust,
The way the slave masters did us,
We feed them garbage,
The way the slave masters did us.
We give them no education,
The way the slave masters did us.
Then we fill them with the same fear that has captivated us!
See it’s easy for punks
to pop trunks
and talk junk
to other chumps
But when I tell you to stop selling drugs and protect the hood
Then I’m a gump?
While the oil tycoons raise the price at the pump and sleep easy at night,
But if I stick you up
Then it’s a fight!
With our hebetudes, they figure,
It’ll take us another fifty years before we approach Black
The way we do nigger,
You mean Black is defined as void of power
So where you think you’ve been given leeway
It’s just a new way, to re-enforce, inferiority,
Sad and sullen is his-story, of our African memoirs,
Why does this month only seem to remind us of deep scars
Instead of deep roots into Egypt
Because you’ve been clipped at the cerebral,
Tricked into thinking you’re feeble,
Did I say black also means evil?
Listen class,
People are defined by culture, language, and a land mass
Worry of wrath from an illusion
Contributes to your confusion
& Leaves you ignorantly defending
An illogical conclusion,
Whose in charge of your thoughts,
That’s the struggle!

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