Monthly Archives: August 2003

Who Am I?

I am not rose petals, waterfall, childhood’s dream I am not lullabies, tenderness, sweet summer rain I am not the breath of babies, the taste of last year’s honey I am not philosophy, magic, christmas morning I am not art … Continue reading

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This Month’s Poet in Print: Erskine Carter

Where are you from & what brings you here? I was born in England, raised in Canada, and have lived in the US since 1974. How long have you lived here? I have lived in the Quad Cities for 16 … Continue reading

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Do You Know Where Your Government Information Is?

A true fact, but unfortunately not widely-known, is that over 1300 US Government depository libraries exist for the public’s free use. The US Government is the world’s most prolific publisher, and depository libraries receive 1000s of government titles annually at … Continue reading

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Book Review: I-69 Does Not Stop Here

I-69 Does Not Stop Here By Sean Connelly This four hundred page novel is fiction, which should go without saying, but needs to be  clarified because it is based on a real-life struggle over a battle that has taken place … Continue reading

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Favorite Alternative Media Outlets

AlterNet A self-described “infomediary,” is a like Dante’s Virgil, guiding us to the Web and helping us drudge through hellish corporate-driven, merger-loving, war-supporting mainstream media. It is John Edwards for the information-obsessed, like myself, or for progressives who go … Continue reading

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Letters from Guatemala

SUBJECT: HELLO SWEET FAMILY Hi parents and sis, Let me back up and let you know where I have been. We left Saturday morning around 7am for Santa Anita. This is a community of former refugees. Many fled to Mexico … Continue reading

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