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Guerrillas in Our Midst: Guerrilla Gardening In CU

The strategic advantage to Guerrilla Warfare is that through individual anonymity and highly-visible acts of defiance, a small number of motivated people can multiply their reach, amplify their message, and counter a far more powerful force. This is Guerrilla Gardening, … Continue reading

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Susan Gage’s New View of a Woman’s Body

Bloomington-Normal is the location of Illinois State University, a college in a remote location with a thriving arts program. It is where Suzann Gage went to study art in the 1970s. It is also where she had an epiphany. Gage … Continue reading

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Home Defense: A New Blackwater Course

In addition to training law enforcement, Blackwater, now operating under the name Xe Services, is offering a course designed for any gun toting citizen. This is the world’s most powerful and best known mercenary company with a reputation of operating … Continue reading

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Money is Not a Natural Resource

Can money be wasted in a global sense? No, not like fuel is wasted. Money is neither a natural resource nor a manufactured product. There are no resource limits, though there are social limits to its quantity, and there are … Continue reading

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The Abortion Debate: Now Showing At a Football Game, Billboard, Twitter, Or a Clinic Near You!

On Super Bowl Sunday, CBS ran a television commercial by conservative Christian group, Focus on the Family causing an incredible backlash throughout the pro-choice and progressive communities across the country. By viewing this particular advertisement, CBS broke its own policy … Continue reading

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Judi Bari, the IWW and Environmentalism

As we celebrate Earth Day and enjoy the flush of spring, it is important to reflect on those who have made invaluable contributions to the continuing efforts at protecting our environment and our rights. Judi Bari is one such individual … Continue reading

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Arguments Against Olympian Drive

Resistance to Olympian Drive has been growing more vocal in recent months— here’s a compendium of positions against the extension expressed by the CU community. At a marathon Urbana City Council meeting on March 22nd, Eric Thorsland of Tomahnous Organic … Continue reading

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The Intertwining Cycle

In the late Spring of 2009, a group of homeless Champaign-Urbana residents formed “Safe Haven” as means to provide a sense of community and safety to homeless residents; who were oftentimes, targets of abuse. This group has been shunned by … Continue reading

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Olympian Drive, Sustainability and Local Foods

Many of my fellow advocates for smart growth and sustainability have questioned Urbana’s plan to build the Olympian Drive extention. After studying the issue and its history, I believe that there is a need for the road, and that we … Continue reading

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UCIMC Receives 3 Arts Grants

The UC-IMC thanks the City of Urbana Public Arts Commission for the recent award of three grants that will support the following projects: Poetry for the People is a project of the Public i in collaboration with the Urbana Free … Continue reading

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Charges Dropped Against Jeshaun

On April 13, 2010, State’s Attorney Julia Rietz dismissed all charges against Jeshaun Manning-Carter. Jeshaun was with Kiwane Carrington who was shot and killed by a Champaign police officer. While no charges were brought against police, Jeshaun was charged with … Continue reading

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The DUI Case of Former Police Officer Lisa Staples

Although it was 2008 when off-duty Champaign police detective Lisa Staples was caught driving drunk in an unmarked squad car, only recently were police reports describing the incident obtained. Many were outraged when Staples was given a lighter punishment than … Continue reading

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Prairie Roots Connect Us

Once upon a time, this land we live on was covered in prairie. The people here called themselves the Peoria, Piankesaw and Wea. Creeks wound freely across the land. One little creek was especially fond of dancing and it glided … Continue reading

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Moving Champaign-Urbana Beyond Coal

We have become a nation hopelessly addicted to dirty energy. Here in Urbana-Champaign at the University of Illinois we are no different. Despite recent talk of a possible wind turbine, our campus still has its own glaring link to dirty … Continue reading

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