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Jimmy John’s Sandwich Workers to Continue to Press for Improved Working Conditions

MINNEAPOLIS—THE JIMMY JOHN’S WORKERS UNION has filed a 12-page Objection to the October 22 National Labor Review Board (NLRB) election at 10 Minneapolis sandwich shops, outlining a pattern of pervasive and systemic labor rights violations that prevented the possibility of … Continue reading

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Cinching Our Belts With No Economic Recovery

LOUD VOICES FROM the worlds of business and government have called for people to pay a larger share of the costs of their maintenance. These voices call for cutting back on payments to working people in wages, healthcare, retirement pensions, … Continue reading

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Students Disrupt Board of Trustees Meeting Over Coming Tuition Hike

ABOUT TWENTY STUDENTS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Chicago attempted to disrupt a Board of Trustees meeting today over tuition increases and the re-segregation of higher education. A member of the Urbana-Champaign community spoke on the importance … Continue reading

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French Protesters Have It Right: No Need to Raise the Retirement Age

THE DEMONSTRATIONS THAT have rocked France this past week highlight some of its differences from the United States. The photo below, for example shows the difference between rioting in baseball- playing versus soccer-playing countries. In the US, we would pick … Continue reading

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Students for a United Illinois Hold Counter- Demonstration at Assembly Hall

ABOUT 100 PEOPLE PROTESTED outside Assembly Hall on October 23, 2010 where for the third year there was a pro-Chief rally organized by those wishing to revive the University of Illinois’ racist mascot. This year, protesters were made to stand … Continue reading

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La Colectiva, the University YMCA, and Growing Immigrant Population in Champaign County

THE UNIVERSITY YMCA AND THE UI STUDENT organization La Colectiva are developing new outreach programs that aim to build bridges with the Latino immigrant communities in Champaign County. The two new programs are a mentorship program with Latino high school … Continue reading

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Connecting Activists and Activism In Brazil

In Brazil, there is no activism. In Brazil, there are activist people. THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN one and another is that the first is a noun and as such it is supposed to name what activists do. The second is an … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to University of Illinois Chief of Police, Barbara O’Connor

November 15, 2010—We write with grave concern about your recent use of the “Illini Alert” text-messaging system on Monday, November 8, 2010 to report the assault in Forbes Hall and to search for the suspect in that incident. The use … Continue reading

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eBlack Symposium Builds Connections Between Campus and Community

ALTHOUGH WE WERE TOLD “SYMPOSIA” and “conferences” were too academic in nature—the eBlackChampaign- Urbana project team stood by the knowledge that community groups have conferences all the time (Canaan Baptist Church held two in the past year; Glory Center International … Continue reading

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I sit and think, trying to figure it out / What’s going on with our system? What’s this about? / It’s like there is no solution for any of this / The community, the state, it’s not “hit,” just “miss.” … Continue reading

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What Does 2009 Traffic Stop Data Tell Us About Police Behavior In Champaign/Urbana?

THE SIXTH ANNUAL STATE REPORT on Illinois Traffic Stop Statistics was recently released by the Center for Research in Law and Justice of the University of Illinois at Chicago. The statistics provide a window into traffic stop data that helps … Continue reading

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Iraq Veterans Against the War On Veterans Day

This Veteran’s Day, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) asked Americans to reconsider the meaning of supporting the troops. As a nation, we are dishonoring our veterans by ignoring the real costs of war, and we contend that we can … Continue reading

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What Kind of “Court” Is City Court?

CITY COURT IS AN UNKNOWN ENTITY to most citizens in Champaign County. When people think of courts, they think of the county or federal courts where one has certain constitutional rights. City Court is something altogether different. You might wind … Continue reading

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