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The System of Snitching

“Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law. To declare that the government may commit crimes in order to secure the conviction of a private criminal_would bring terrible retribution.“ —Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, … Continue reading

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The U.S. (In)Justice System Doesn’t Work. The Alternative Just Might

I’VE BEEN THINKING A LOT ABOUT justice lately, pondering the injustice of the way that justice is administered in this country. For years I’ve pointed out and lamented the racial bias evident in both law enforcement and the criminal courts. … Continue reading

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Student Fees Make UI Sports Profitable

HIKES IN TUITION, LARGER CLASS sizes, staff furloughs, pay freezes and acrimonious labor negotiations are common knowledge for UI students, graduate employees and staff. While many look at the exorbitant pay raise of President Hogan, the $150,000 rug and other … Continue reading

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New Book of Poetry from Aaron Ammons

A second book of poetry is now out from local poet Aaron Ammons, a.k.a. A-Dub, titled As I Travel My Creation. It includes dozens of new poems such as “Do I Remember,” reprinted below. This self-published book was funded in … Continue reading

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Flatlander Fund Created to Honor the Memory of Dan Schrieber

Dan Schreiber had big dreams, and the talent, enthusiasm, and vision to bring so many to fruition. He died in July at age 24. Known around town as “The Chocolate Man,” Dan was the genius behind Flatlander Chocolate, Illinois’ only … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Professor Howell Controversy

The issues raised by the U of I Professor Kenneth Howell’s initial hiring at the University of Illinois, his e-mail to his students who were preparing to take a final examination in his course on Catholicism, and his subsequent termination … Continue reading

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Kicking Coal’s Ash

COAL. OUR JOURNEY TO MODERNITY started with it, the oldest of our industrial fuels. It feels like something we’ve left behind a long time ago— most of us have much more personal experience with the other fossil fuels like oil … Continue reading

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The Three R’s Project: Reading Reduces Recidivism

THE ACT OF READING IS A UNIQUELY human skill and can be transformative as well as entertaining. With this in mind, a relatively new group is seeking to provide reading materials to Illinois prison circulation libraries. The goals are to … Continue reading

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UCIMC Summer Arts Camp

WEEDING, PLANTING, and watering may not make it onto your list of favorite things to do, but, despite the heat and hard work, working in the Community Garden was worth it. We started off with just tomatoes and garlic chives … Continue reading

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Another School Year, Another War Year

CLASSES HAVE STARTED AGAIN and military recruiters are out in full force. Students spill onto the quad, the August sun blazes down on the sea of people rushing off to class or lounging in the grass. And there are my … Continue reading

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