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The SOA Protests in Context: A Diary of a City

After a 12-hour trip from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois without a map, we intuit our way through rural Georgia by following the language of war. We pursue signs leading to Veteran’s Parkway, Fort Oglethorpe, Memorial Stadium, and sure enough we are guided … Continue reading

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The Sell-Out of Childhood: Should We Care?

Since September 11, many people in this country are questioning the worth of what they do with their lives, both personally and professionally. My own profession involves research and activism in the area of children’s media issues. And my belief … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Life

S.M.: Athan Chilton earns her living as a department secretary for Dance at the University of Illinois. But to say that this is what she ‘does’ would be to reduce to a single dimension what is in fact a multidimensional … Continue reading

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Universities and the ‘War on Terrorism’

I first became associated with the University of Illinois in 1956, when I enrolled as a freshman at the University of Illinois in Chicago. At that time the Chicago campus occupied the northern half of Navy Pier. Needing money to … Continue reading

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How to Talk to Your Children About Terrorism

In light of the rapidly unfolding events since September 11, our nation’s children are likely to be almost as caught up in the furor and frenzy about ‘terrorists’ and ‘terrorism’ as the adults are. Parents – and sometimes teachers, child … Continue reading

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More About Sweatshops, and the Organizations Who Fight Them

Since the feature article was written, three young female workers from garment factories in Bangladesh have arrived in the United States and have begun a month-long speaking tourof at least 19 colleges and universities, under the sponsorship of the National … Continue reading

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The Sweatshop Connection: From Bangladesh to US Universities

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in a sweatshop? Extremely long hours at abysmally low pay. No holidays, vacation, sick leave, or pension. Cheated on overtime wages. Talking during working hours is strictly prohibited, and both verbal … Continue reading

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The Environmental Impact of the WTC Collapse – So Far, So Good?

The aftermath of the terrible events of September 11th continues to linger on our radios and television screens. Whatever our personal reactions, few of us can imagine the impact on those who have been enveloped by the disaster and its … Continue reading

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Letters from Readers: The Moral Imperative of Self Defense

I have been following both the national and local presses since September 11, including  your own newspaper, which last week I much enjoyed. The only exception, however, was Sarah Kanouse’s editorial “Democracy Demands Dissent” (p. 3), which I found morally … Continue reading

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Letters from Readers: Fooled Again

“We won’t get fooled again.” The Who And so it has come to this. The Who sang their 1960s anthem at the recent Madison Square Garden Concert for New York City (Saturday, October 20th on VH1 TV) to honor the … Continue reading

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The Stealth Attack on the Freedom of the Press

This fall, with little fanfare, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proceeded with plans to overhaul and possibly eliminate its remaining ownership regulations for media companies. These include regulations which currently prohibit one company from owning newspapers and TV stations, … Continue reading

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