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Impressions of Northern Vietnam

In the fall of 2001, been invited to give a lecture on human rights in Thailand. I was eager to see Thailand where I had friends, but I also wanted to use the occasion to visit Vietnam. The latter country … Continue reading

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Sensitivity Test: A Play

In one scene (shortened from the original four scenes for the Public i) Original cast: Walter Matherly, Mark Enslin Original Performance: April 2005 House T h e a t e r, Urbana, Illinois Mark and Walter, sitting on chairs, with … Continue reading

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Listen for It: Bush Easing America Into Theocracy

If you have listened closely to any of George W. Bush’s national addresses during his tenure in the White House, you probably know how the president feels about mixing religion and politics: he digs it. Since Bush entered office, and … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Media Reform

More than 2,500 people converged in downtown St. Louis in mid-May for an historic meeting of citizens, journalists, activists, scholars, artists, policymakers, and media producers, all dedicated to solving a crisis that threatens the roots of American democracy: the media. … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Reclaim the Media

about the current state of our local and national broadcast media as I am? I hope so, because our democracy is facing a media crisis of untold proportions that is threatening its very vibrancy and vitality. On May 13-15, I, … Continue reading

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Looking for Martha: The Mess Behind Bars

The Alderson Federal Prison Camp i n West Vi rginia looks to have solved the problemthat has beset modern penal policy for hundreds of years: recidivism. Its progressive plan of image rehabilitation has now set free a series of media … Continue reading

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