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TIMES Shelter Needs to Reopen for Men’s Emergency Services

The TIMES men’s shelter is owned by Rosecrance, a not-for-profit corporation that primarily runs 40 drug and alcohol rehab centers in four states. In 2016 Rosecrance bought Community Elements, the agency that has in many ways acted as the de-facto … Continue reading

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Is WEFT a Sinking Ship

Is WEFT a Sinking Ship? By: Sandra Ahten Bio: Sandra Ahten is an artist and activist as well as a business owner and grandmother. Her primary community work is primarily around both prison issues and independent media. Disclaimer: Although I … Continue reading

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Why Do I Care About Convicts?

Why do I care about convicts? Why do I care about our injustice system? “There but for the grace of God go I.” Being a recovering addict and having community with similar others, I know so many people who today … Continue reading

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Book Review: I-69 Does Not Stop Here

I-69 Does Not Stop Here By Sean Connelly This four hundred page novel is fiction, which should go without saying, but needs to be  clarified because it is based on a real-life struggle over a battle that has taken place … Continue reading

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Where in the World did you get that Jacket?

I gave in to an impulse last week and bought a new jacket for $29. When I got it home I checked the tag and found that it was made in Vietnam.Yikes, pangs of guilt. I know that it was … Continue reading

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Local Grocery Shopping

Grocery buying presents a real quandary for those wanting to “shop local.” In a time gone by the “homemaker” allowed much of her (or his) work to include time for food including growing our own, meal planning, shopping, and preparation. … Continue reading

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Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture

THE BIGGER PICTURE Community Supported Agriculture is a system in which consumers receive food directly from the farmers who produce it. But unlike a farmers market system, supporters of community agriculture actually share in part of the farmers’ risk. That … Continue reading

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Incidents Mar Otherwise Successful Anti-War Protests

As evidenced by the recent demonstrations in Washington, DC that drew nearly 200,000 protestors, the anti-war movement is being “reinvigorated,” as reported in the October 30th New York Times. Locally, the trend of increasing skepticism and opposition to the Bush … Continue reading

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1597 Linen condom invented. Previous condoms had been made of animal membranes. 1869 The electric vibrator makes its debut with the invention of a steam-powered massager, patented by an American doctor and designed as a medical tool for treating “female … Continue reading

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All the News that Rhymes (Sometimes)

Newspoems have graced the pages of each edition of the public i to date, but Newspoetry was not originally published on newsprint. As a matter of fact, under its web site’s masthead you can sometimes find a quote by Thomas … Continue reading

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