Italian police shooting to kill

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Adapted from IMC Italy

GENOA, ITALY–On Friday, 20 July, an Italian police officer shot a protester in the head at  point blank range with a revolver.

According to Radio IMC Italia, protesters had been chasing a police jeep down a street. When the jeep stopped, protesters caught up and began attacking it, one eye-witness has reported. The witness saw no fire arms or other deadly weapons in the hands of the protesters.

The jeep running over Giuliani’s body, earlier

A fellow protester checks Giuliani’s condition

The police officer driving the jeep leaned out his door and fired three or four shots at Carlo Giuliani, age 23, of Genoa, who immediately fell to the ground. A one-foot stream of blood came out of his head and began puddling on the ground. The police officer then backed the jeep over Giuliani’s body, shifted gears, and drove over ita second time before leaving the scene.

According to the same eye witness, other protesters immediately surged forward to check the body. The first to arrive checked for a pulse and yelled for a medic, and then was hit in the head with a tear gas canister fired by the police. He retreated, and the police surged forward and separated the body from the protesters.

Protesters are expecting the police to justify this brutal murder as “self-defense.” An eye-witness to the shooting is already countering this claim, saying that the officer was safe in his jeep and could have driven away at any time.

Mourning Giuliani’s death while surrounded by police.

Additionally, this incident took place outside the special security zone set up by Italian law enforcement. The G8 summit is taking place inside the Red Zone, and non-attendess are not allowed there. Around this is the Yellow Zone, where only city residents are allowed.This murder occured even further out than that, in the Green Zone, where people are supposedly allowed to protest. The Independent Media Center in Italy has reported that many others have been wounded.

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