Carnival Pro Status Quo – a design for direct action

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Let there be, today,
In every major city
a demonstration by the Status Quo:

A phalanx of bureaucrats,
their faces masked in blank plastic gazes,
their suits pinstriped with the mastheads
of the newspapers of record,
their power ties made from the Yellow Pages,
are accompanied in lockstep
by their military menservants,
their fatigues camouflaged
in a patchwork of hundred-dollar greenbacks
AMEX gold cards, petroleum company logos,
their aviator sunglasses mirroring
the new world order they impose.

Let them march the streets
with placards reading “BLAH BLAH BLAH”
and “violence protects my privilege”
and “I deserve it.”
Let their parade banners
be enormous dollar signs,
and let their sandwich boards read,
“The media will tend the sheep,
Citizens go back to sleep”
–and let them chant the same

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