Response / Responsibility

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15 September 2001

CBS spins a retaliatory mood
NPR weeps for our own
I think of the families
of murdered kids of the world
I know we have reaped what we’ve sown

All too soon sabers will shake
bombs will “punish”,
missiles will “send messages”
fires will “teach lessons”

Safe in our homes
in the land of the rich
and the fat
and the blind
we will speak of “those responsible”
and of an “appropriate response”

But this land is your land
and this land is my land
and our chosen masters
have killed
are killing
and will kill
in our names

I’m responsible
I’m right here
My hands shake
My breakfast is threatening revolt

“The president and his advisors are formulating a response”

A response that will be worthless to me
Killers killing to avenge killing

We can do better

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