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14 September 2001

it must of been a mistake
ferdinand hadley
the poet in parenti’s ‘the politics of the adjectve “political”‘
has been hired to edit speeches of the president and cabinet
every time a certain phrase appears
she strikes
leaving hapless leaders to reinsert haltingly ad lib
make no mistake about
make no mistake about
make no mistake about

when our dealers have had the whatever to withdraw from the UN conference
on racism
when indignant australians are said to avenge manhattan by attacking a
schoolbus of pakistanis
when the the gov delares wha on whoever
when newspoets fear being taken by wagflavors for an italian
just wen ho lee and vincent chin
a fictional character (whose resume they really should have read)
is mercilessly removing the struts
which prop up the wattles of the nation

make no mistake
we have to watch out for each other
and what’s said

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