“Boring” Politicians

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I wish that Peter Rohloff (in the February edition of Public i)
had chosen a different word, besides “boring,” to describe Dennis
Kucinich. Peace is boring; war is exciting. Conservation is
boring, flagrant disregard for our life support system is exciting.
In fact, King George II may be the worst head of state in
recent history (or ever, considering the mind-boggling power
he wields), but he certainly isn’t boring. I can understand
Peter’s desire for an African-American President. Such a president
would bring a sorely missed perspective to leadership of a
country plagued by the not-so-distant ghosts of slavery and
genocide. Al Sharpton has a winning way of speaking, and he is
certainly not boring. However, his platform is not well-defined.
He has yet to be specific on his views about many important
issues, such as trade agreements, agriculture, and energy policy.
Kucinich has specifically outlined thoughtful responses to these
and other pressing needs in our society. Kucinich has experience
working with Congress. He has experience saying “no” to
corporate America. Sharpton may do a credible job, but there is
no doubt that Kucinich is more than qualified for the position.
As for the reality of having to choose between Sharpton and
Kucinich – as any bubbie would tell you, “You should be so

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