Birth Doulas: Professional Labor Support

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     will be a lifelong memory and
yours will be changed forever. Inviting a doula into your
birth space will help you have the most positive birth experience
A doula…
• Recognizes birth as a key life experience and as a fundamental
right of passage.
• Understands the basic physiology and the emotional
needs of a woman in labor.
• Compliments and works with the woman’s partner and
care provider.
• Allows the partner to participate at his or her own comfort
level rather than as the “labor authority.”
• Stays with you throughout your entire labor.
• Provides emotional, physical, and spiritual support.
A doula is not…
• Your voice, she can however help you find your voice,
helping you to form your thoughts and questions.
• A medical professional. A doula stays within her code of
practice and will not perform any medical procedures such
as vaginal exams, blood pressure…etc.
• Someone who tells you how to give birth.
A doula will work to educate you in simple ways:
• Trust your body first.
• Ask questions. Know what your provider’s standard procedures
are and if they don’t agree with your thoughts and
desires for birth, shop around and find someone who does.
• She will support you at home and/or in the hospital.
• If you choose to use medication, know and remember
that all women can give birth without it as long as there is
not a medical reason to use it. Know the facts about medication
before you choose to use.
• Trust is the key.
Studies done by Marshall H. Klaus, M.D., John H. Kennell,
M.D., and Phyllis H. Klaus, C.S.W., M.F.T. indicate
that doulas help…
• Decrease overall cesarean rates.
• Decrease length of labor.
• Decrease the need for epidurals.
• Decrease the use of oxytocin.
• Increase the confidence of the partner’s participation.
• Decrease postpartum depression and levels of anxiety.
It breaks my heart to hear a woman say that her birth was the
most horrible and painful experience in her life. That legacy
was passed to me by my mother and I swore I would not
pass it to my daughter. I wish I could help just one woman
understand that birth is the hardest work she will ever do in
her life and, although it hurts, it will teach her how powerful
and strong she is! We as doulas cannot keep unwanted
things from happening in your birth but we can stand with
you and hold your spirit in our heart as you go through this
part of your life. Birth is not something to fear; it is something
to respect and honor. And you can do it!
If you would like to know more about doulas and my
alternative birth sessions, Birth with Courage and Power,

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