Construction of Injustice

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Investing in lies and blaming the youth
Murder is designed to hide the truth
Murder is designed to hide the truth
Murder is designed to hide the truth
5 deaths,
5 deaths in the county jails in less than two years
Inmates beaten and tased by officers/overseers,
Is legal lynching the new scoop?
Officer Hjort escapes
With a history of sexual misconduct
And physical evidence of a rape!
The response from his “friends” is political jargon,
13 year veteran Sergeant Myers repeatedly
Unmercifully sends 50,000 volts of electricity into detained citizens
And is rewarded with a plea bargain
Overcharging persists and it’s a damn shame
Obstruction of Justice
Obstruction of Justice
Obstruction of Justice
Judge Heidi Ladd sentenced Terrell Layfield (25)
to SIX YEARS in prison
For giving a false name!
Our condolences to the other four men,
Marcus Edwards (18),
Joseph Beavers, (37)
William D. Marshall (31)
& Quentin Larry (36), who died on Memorial Day weekend
Abuse of power
Malicious prosecution as retribution
All to instill fear,
Unequal protection under the law
And the message is clear,
We do what the hell we want to do
And the same thing that happened to Amber Groholl, Patrick Thompson, etc.,
Can happen to you!
For those of you who don’t believe this piece
Pick up your camcorder
And start videotaping the police
Start tracking their actions on the streets in your community
Do some research and find out how many young females
Get raped by officers that are on duty
Rodney King and Amadou Diallo
are just two of the obvious Constructions of Injustice
There’s a long history of bogus cops receiving slaps on the wrist
Now Champaign County
can add two more names to that growing list
but I guarantee you this
at some point, the poor and repressed
will get tired of this shit!
There will be no respect for authority
& no trust in the system,
There will be mass civil unrest
And everyone will be a victim.

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