Kids Art Space in the UCIMC

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On October 21st, 2006 the Independent Media Center is proud to announce
the Opening of the Kids Art Space, located in the north-east corner of the
sunroom. The KAS features lockers, cubbies spaces, a myriad of art supplies,
and a special table for kids that has no corners and is low to the ground. The
mission of the Kids Art Space is multifarious. The idea is that the space provides
an area for children while parents/adults are engaged in IMC activities,
and that it allows all children in Champaign-Urbana to have access to art
supplies and an opportunity to release creative energies. Additionally, we
hope that the space draws children and adults alike into the IMC and fosters
the sense of the IMC as a public space. We encourage educators and caregivers
to consider how they might use the space to hold art classes or after
school programs. It should be noted however, that this space is intended for
supervised activity, and is not a ‘drop-off’ for children.
The Kids Art Space is being opened in collaboration with the Krannert Art
Museum at the University of Illinois. The upcoming exhibition When We Were
Young: New Perspectives on the Art of the Child, which opens on October
26th, served as part of the inspiration behind creating the KAS. The opening
of the Kids Art Space from 12-3pm on October 21st is intended to showcase
the new space to the community and introduce the When We Were Young
exhibition that will open the following Thursday. The Opening will feature a
set of jazz for kids by the Boneyard Jazz Quintet, as well as speakers and
other family entertainment. Additionally there will be various art activities,
where drawings will actually be collected to be put on display at Krannert Art
Museum for the duration of When We Were Young (Oct. 26–Dec. 31).
Children of all ages and families from the entirety of C-U are encouraged to
attend this event. See you there!!

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