The Anti-War “Die-In”

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On Saturday, May the 26th, a group of high school students took dramatic
action to address American complacency and political inaction
with regards to the war in Iraq. In a visual form of protest meant to bring
home the reality of the death and destruction nearly 30 youth fell to the
ground in unison at the intersection of Green St. and Wright St. in front of the Alma
Mater. They repeated this “die-in” every time the cars stopped for the red light from 12 to
1.30 pm. Several passersby stopped and joined them. The frustration Americans are feeling
nationally with the recent passage of the war funding bill was apparent that Saturday
both among the devoted student protesters and among those who cheered them on. You
can view video of the Die-In on the Independent Media Center’s website at
With this protest the students demanded that our congressional representative Timothy
Johnson and senators Barack Obama and Richard Durbin vote anti-war. Letters were
sent to Johnson, Obama, & Durbin and they were invited to attend. This war has killed
too many, and it is past time our politicians do their part in ending it, not as “anti-war
politicians,” not as Democrats, nor as Republicans, but as responsible citizens of this
world who should, out of compassion for others, work for peace.
This action was a powerful display of a fact that mainstream media has been shamelessly
overlooking: that the youth have not yet succumbed to apathy.

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