Why Unity?

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BE, peace. In the U. S., living under a government of, for and by the people, there
comes a time when groups of people must be one in spirit, sentiment and purpose.
The way our Republic works is that we, the people, elect other Citizens into
offices and rely on them to represent our health, rights, interests and needs, thereby
operating in the best interest of the community, city, state, and Nation. Consequently,
we must at times unify our votes in order to elect a candidate we agree is
best for the post that they seek. There are also times when we, the people, must be
one in sentiment and purpose to remove an elected official from office, if he/she
has abused the power vested in them, by the people. CU Citizens for Peace and
Justice has had the pleasure of enacting its Citizenship and participating in the
governmental process, nationally and locally. We will continue to do so!
This year, CUCPJ is organizing the 4th annual Unity March. Over the past
three years we have utilized our gifts, skills, talents and virtues, organized ourselves,
mobilized the people and thus realized that “Community Matters,” the
theme of this years’ event. We invite unity because without strong, unified communities,
we have weak governments that pass policies which infringe upon the
rights of the people, instead of protect them. The Unity March empowers the
people who participate, educates them on issues that affect them, and allows
them to become more informed voters. CUCPJ must, can, and will register people
to vote over the next year. We are targeting Citizens between the ages of 18
and 35 because the data shows that they are the least represented at the polls.
When American Citizens do not express themselves in the voting booth, they
silently give consent to policies they may disagree with. We want to work with
our brothers and sisters to change this reality.
Another reason we work so hard at CUCPJ is because we know that if our
children are not educated about who they are, where they live, and how to navigate
the systems that govern them, they will be as herded sheep, led blindly
into a vicious cycle of poverty, the penitentiary, or the cemetery. A democracy
must have educated Citizens, to prevent a dictatorship.
The Unity March transcends labels of race, class and sex. These are constructs
that divide us, the people. Therefore, we do not allow arrogance and
ignorance to hinder us from working harmoniously on issues that plague our
community. In fact, our agreement to work lovingly and truthfully to educate
ourselves and our fellow Citizens is the glue that holds us together and is the
spirit of the Unity March. See you all October 13!

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