Statement By Republican Candidate Miller-Jones

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1.) My qualifications for State’s Attorney
and why I decided to run for the job:
I have over 8 years of criminal law experience
as a licensed attorney and additional
experience as an intern for the Attorney Generals
Office. I have 14 years of Military experience
which has taught me military bearing,
never to give up in what I believe and how to
professionally and successfully manage
employees and delegate work. For the last five
years I have been a member of the JAG Corps.
I decided to run for State’s Attorney
because as a Public Defender I see first
hand the inequities in the system and have
serious concerns about the criminal justice
process. I believe I can implement policies
and procedures that will improve our system.
Instead of being one of those who
complain and get upset by what is happening
in the criminal justice system and do
nothing about it, the opportunity presented
itself and I knew it was time to step up
to the plate and do something more. So I
have stepped up to the plate and I am
going to do what needs to be done to make
our criminal justice system in Champaign
County better for our whole community
2.) My vision for law enforcement in Champaign
I want law enforcement to be more
involved in the community. I appreciate
the work the police do and I want more. I
want more community policing. I want the
people in every community, in every neighborhood
to know who the police are that
patrol their neighborhood. I want the
police officers to be invested in that neighborhood
and the community. I want them
to care about every person in that neighborhood
and what troubles they are having.
Every neighborhood has different
issues and concerns, and I want the police
officers that patrol them to understand
what the unique issues are that affect the
neighborhoods they serve. I want the people
who live here to care about their community,
to become involved with the police
in preventing crime, in reporting crime in
caring about each other. If the community
can see the Police as people who are there
to help and that they (the Police) really
care about members of the community,
then the relationship will improve.
3.) What changes I believe need to be made
in the local criminal justice system:
First and foremost I believe the State’s
Attorney should seek justice and not just
a conviction. I believe in consistent charging
and fair sentencing. I believe the
state’s Attorney’s Office should more
proactive to crime and not just reactive.
To make the criminal justice system run
efficiently and fairly, which should be the
goal, requires the State’s Attorney to be
open with the Public. The Public needs to
know that justice will be the main goal,
and that they will be treated fairly. The
community as a whole needs to know that
cases which are prosecuted are done so in
good faith.
I want the State’s Attorney’s Office to be
a partner with the community in reducing
crime. I will work with the community
organizations, schools, social service agencies
and police departments. I will establish
a community outreach program to
teach all members of our community about
the criminal justice system and give everyone
the opportunity to share concerns and
give suggestions to make our system better.
I want a Peer Court program in this county.
I want to work with the youth of this community,
and with the help of the community
keep these kids out of the justice system.
The battle against crime begins with the
youth. I will establish a Drug School program.
A similar program has been used by
the Cook County State’s Attorney for the
past 29 years and has more than an 80%
success rate. It is an alternative to traditional
prosecution and is a drug intervention
and education program for nonviolent
drug offenders. I want to utilize the Adult
Diversion program more. I will ‘think outside
the box’. A person who commits a
crime can be punished and rehabilitated
without having a criminal conviction.

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