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Boys and girls are left to find their own recreation
and companionship in the streets. An
increasing number of children are at home with
no adult care or supervision. Young people
need to know that someone cares about them.
—Kahlil Sassa, Edison Middle School
I think a big reason that kids don’t attend afterschool
programs is because they don’t know
about them. Kids should also make sure others
know that many latchkey kids get into serious
trouble. An organization that could help
improve this issue is YMCA. I think that kids can
improve this problem with effort. Nothing’s
—Sara Sunderland, Edison Middle School
An issue in my community that I feel needs to
be addressed is kids having a safe place to go
after school. When kids don’t have a safe place
they are more likely to get into trouble.
—Melana Radanavong, Edison Middle School
Today in our community there are not many
places that kids can go to get help with schoolwork
besides school, the library, and home to
their parents. Kids may need someone else to
talk to other than a teacher or parents; they
may need the opportunity to have a tutor.
—Toni Thrasher, Urbana Middle School
Just like you, I have a dream but my dream is to
have a place that is nice for studying, hanging
out, and a place you can go when you are
upset. Kids everywhere have parents who work
a million hours just to make ends meet and do
not have time for their kids.
—Acaisha Washington, Franklin Middle School
There are few places where people can study or
relax. The person on the south side of my town
has tons of places to go but not the north side.
I really do not think that is right and fair
—David Robinson, Franklin Middle School

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