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I believe that we should help the communities
more, by opening more peer mediation centers
and getting young black adults involved more.
Try to talk sense into kids by letting them know
they’re not alone. Find out what sparks their
minds. Open up more schools, staff and equip
the schools, and provide more funding so children
can get a good education. Teach them to
be magnificent.
—Deanna King, Central High School
Let me tell you what I think about poor children
that don’t have education. It doesn’t only affect
young children, but it affects parents, and people
who care about social justice.
—Perla Zarco, Edison Middle School
There are too many children out there that have
little to no support…I believe there are ways to
help them through young people. One thing we
could do is be kinder and realize why they may
act differently… Also if we support the entire
family the parents would be able to support
their children better.
—Elias Wilcoski, Edison Middle School
Kids are being hurt by someone physically or
emotionally. I think that young people are
scared to admit that they are being hurt. When
kids are being hurt they need to be able to have
someone to talk to.
—Joshua Johnson, Edison Middle School
An idea I have is to raise enough money to create
a building for kids who are treated unfairly
and unequally. They could use this building as a
refuge to get away from all the negativity that is
in their lives. I think it would be very cool for
these kids just to have somewhere to go and
have fun. If you are a teacher, salesman, or even
a garbage man, no matter who you are you can
help. I know I am going to look inside my heart
and try to treat people more fairly and equally.
—Michael Wade, Jefferson Middle School
We have a lot of community problems, but the
most important one is struggling teens. The
whole community can help, but the most effective
groups are the parents, teachers, and the tutors.
—Jacob Wade, Jefferson Middle School

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