Prop 8 Protest: Same Sex Marriage Rights Denied

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In November, 52 % of California voters
passed Proposition 8, which denies same-sex
couples the right to marry. The initiative
overturned a May ruling by the State
Supreme Court that struck down a 2000 ban
on same-sex unions. As with other conservative
referendums, this action by California
voters may serve as a bellwether, with similar
actions likely to erupt across the country. In
response, a series of nationwide demonstrations
against Prop 8 were held to voice their
opposition. In concert with the nationwide
effort, Champaign-Urbana supporters of
same-sex marriage came out to protest the
unconstitutionality and unjust nature of the
law that prohibits citizens involved in lesbian,
gay, or transgender relationships to
marry and, thus, access the same legal rights
and financial benefits afforded heterosexual
couples. More importantly, protesters against
Proposition 8 demand the freedom of any
human being to love and share their live with
whomever they choose, irrespective of gender
or sexuality.

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