Blackwater Expands Despite Recent Iraq Ban

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On January 29, 2009, the Iraqi government barred Blackwater
Worldwide, Inc. (BW) from providing security for
U.S. diplomats in Iraq because its alleged involvement in
the 2007 deaths of at least seventeen civilians in Nisour
Square in Baghdad. This, however, did little to impact
profitability of the BW “bottom line”, because BW began
diversifying its operations years earlier.
During the past twelve years, BW has morphed from a
trainer of “weekend warriors” and “shoot a round for Jesus”
fanatics into a one-stop shop, with twenty-nine subsidiaries
that provides know-how and equipment to thousands of
U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies and supports
extensive U.S. military operations around the globe. BW, a
privately held U. S. company founded by Eric Prince, a
right wing political contributor to both Republican and
Democratic campaigns, has received billions of dollars in
U.S. government contracts. Even with its banning in Iraq,
BW continues expanding its worldwide operations.
Domestically, BW trains thousands of local law enforcement
personnel in the U. S., offering both classroom
instruction and “hands on” experience. In 2007, for example,
BW purchased the Backup Training Corporation, the
largest supplier of law enforcement training CD materials
in the U.S. With this CD collection, BW supplies thousands
of U.S. law enforcement agencies with an A-Z law
enforcement curriculum, including instruction on search
and seizure, drug enforcement and even Occupational
Safety and Health Administration certification.
In addition, BW directly trains law enforcement officers,
in sniper training and SWAT team tactics at one of
three domestic locations (San Diego, CA.; Mt. Carroll, IL;
and, Moyock, NC), as well as at mobile training centers.
They also provide armaments for law enforcement agencies,
around the country. Further, in their domestic business,
BW teaches classes certified by state governments for
private security forces at their domestic camps or ‘on-site,’
such as the delegates at the Republican and Democratic
National Conventions. During a domestic crisis, BW can
access a database of thousands of sworn law enforcement
officers who will work as independent contractors using
accrued vacation time (recall former director Tom
Dempsey’ s mission to Afghanistan, while still employed
by the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois)
under a reciprocal agreement among state governments.
Internationally, BW is rapidly expanding its global
reach, by forging strategic partnerships and accelerating
diversification, like a high security Wal-Mart that offers a
365-degree wrap around service. BW and Raytheon, for
example, have unveiled a prototype six-passenger Joint
Light Tactical Vehicle at the U.S. Special Operations Industry
Conference in Tampa, Fla., on May 21, 2008, revealing
their teamed-up effort to build a survivable, mobile nextgeneration
BW, also owns and operates three aviation subsidiaries:
Presidential Airways, Inc., STI Aviation Inc., and Air Quest
Inc. The U.S. Department of Defense utilizes BW for logistics
support to US military operations in Pakistan and
Afghanistan. When “lower and slower” is needed, BW Airships,
established in January 2006, leases a remotely piloted
airship vehicle for potential use on the Mexican and
United States border and as a forward observation platform
in Afghanistan.
In addition, BW owns Greystone Ltd., a private security
service registered in Barbados, which employs thirdcountry
nationals for offshore security work. Greystone
provides security to locations experiencing turmoil
whether caused by armed conflict, epidemics, or natural
or man-made disasters, according to their website. Another
BW subsidiary, BW Maritime Security Service provides
training for maritime security. BW’s North Carolina facilities
include a man-made lake with stacked containers simulating
a ship for maritime assaults.
In addition, BW has established the Raven Development
Group to offer general contracting, construction management,
designing and building services. Finally, Eric Prince
continues to provide custom contracting at subsidiaries in
Indiana and North Carolina, Mississippi and Mexico,
through Prince Enterprises a company started by his father.
At the rate that they are expanding, perhaps a BW
“action figure” soon may be available at a store near you.
For a list of BW affiliates and subsidiaries, refer to the
Small Business Administration Report at
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