Ministerial Alliance Awards Community Organizers

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On December 12, 2008, the Ministerial Alliance of
Champaign-Urbana and Vicinity held an awards ceremony
to recognize some of the unsung heroes who
work tirelessly for the betterment of our community.
Held at St. Luke’s C.M.E. Church in Champaign, the
evening’s events were emceed by Reverend Troy Burks.
This was the second annual awards ceremony organized
by the Ministerial Alliance under the leadership
of its current president, Reverend Dr. Evelyn Underwood.
Below is a list of award recipients:
Layperson of the Year Award “For your tireless
devotion to education for all children and uplifting
the community”
Aaron Ammons
E. Martel Miller
Christopher Evans
Seon Williams
Robert E. Lewis
Dr. Brian Dolinar
Linda A. Abernathy
Imani Bazzelle
Patrick Dwayne Thompson
Tamra Gingold
Barbara Grady
Mary Hayward Benson
Dr. Barbara Gillespie-Washington
President’s Award: Outstanding Contributions by
Ministerial Alliance Members to the Organization
Bishop King James Underwood
Rev. Troy A. Burks
Elderess Vanessa Buchanan
Eldress Hattie Paulk
Elderess Melinda Carr
President’s Award: Outstanding Contribution to
Ministerial Alliance made by a Non-Member
Mrs. Rosalind D. Lewis
Dr. Deloris P. Henry
Mrs. Vera Carter Mitchell
Deacon James Clayborn
Mr. Durl Kruse
Mrs. Barbara A. Scott
Mrs. Maggie Rodriguez-Nieto
Devin Chambers
Stephanie McCoy
Angela James
The Villager Award “It takes a village to raise a
Mrs. Neppie Caldwell, Macedonia Baptist Church
Nichole Jackson, Liberty Temple COGIC
Mother Betty Brown, New Free Will Baptist Church
Mr. Evelyn B. Hickman, Salem Baptist Church
Mother Carrie Carter, New Birth Baptist Church
Mother Mary Brooks Woods, Morning Star Free Will
Baptist Church
Brother Douglas West, First Mennonite Church of

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