Negro League Black Men

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They played the game of baseball
Because they loved the game,
Never did they think that it
Would be harder to get into
The Baseball Hall of Fame.
They were beautiful black men
Who played the game with pride.
I just wish each of you could have seen
”Cool Papa Bell” when he ran at his full stride.
He was so fast_
Daylight could not keep up with his speed.
When he was on the base pad
all he needed was a small lead.
Josh Gibson, the best hitter of all time,
Hit a five hundred foot home
run out of Yankee Stadium,
And the ball they still can’t find.
Then there was Satchel Paige,
Who’s on everybody’s all-star list.
Threw a ball so hard that batters just missed.
Satchel had a hesitation pitch that was so slow it glided.
It would catch batters off guard as it made them over
There were so many Negro league players
Who never lived their dreams,
And that was to one day play for
An American or National league team.
So let’s honor those black men
Who played the game so well,
By keeping their history alive
For the younger generations to tell.
Let’s never forget their struggles
And how hard they had to fight,
Because that was a time when
Only the ball was white.

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