IMC Fest and Boneyard Arts Festival at the IMC

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IMC Fest is a three-day event taking place the same
weekend as the Boneyard Arts Festival.
April 18th at 12PM:
“We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest: cross generational
voices on building social justice movements.” A
cross-generational roundtable discussion on building
social justice movements and strategies: This panel discussion,
moderated by Books to Prisoners, will include
youth and adult representation from Tamms Year Ten,
The Education Justice Program, CU Citizens for Peace
and Justice, The Campaign for Comprehensive Sex Ed,
and the Uni High Social Advocacy class. We will focus
on subjects such as: successful strategies for mobilization,
the driving force for social justice organizations,
and the personal experiences of individuals. Along with
the roundtable discussion, original works of art donated
by inmates from Danville Correctional Center will be
available for viewing and purchasing with the proceeds
going to Books to Prisoners. Join us for conversation.
April 18th 12–5:30
Documentary film maker Laura Zinger will sell prints by
printing press artist Amos Kennedy, as well as copies of
her documentary about Amos’ life and work, Proceed
and be Bold.
On Display April 17–19:
1) “The World We do not Live in (Yet): visions from
Danville Correction Center” Drawings and Paintings by
artist at Danville Prison, work for sale-proceeds go to
Books to Prisoners, a UCIMC project that provides books to
Illinois inmates at no cost, offering books by mail to all
Illinois inmates and operating lending libraries in our two
local county jails (
2.) Selected work from the following artists – Roberta
Bennet, Lainey Waugh, and Chris Evans.
3.) University Art Club Artist Collective: Jennifer
Miller, Cassandra Tu, Kyle Preuss, Miranda Singler, Adam
Fabianski, Minerva Dorantes, James O’Brian, Baozhen Li,
Emma Loret de Mola, Angela Pfammatter, Jamie Leavitt,
Vickie Svazas, and Anna Aguilar
4.) Clara Hoag—From sex to saints and their artifacts,
art, women, children, money, and commodities,
we place power in that which is unknown, misunderstood,
unattainable, or changing. I focus my work on
this fetish trend. When I work, I think of martyrs,
saints, the power of faith, censorship, abjection, mechanization,
and spirituality. I’m intensely influenced by
African art, art history and religion, and I consider my
pieces to be representations of misunderstanding and
miscommunication. The physical and occasionally violent
nature of my work lends itself to a reconsideration
of what it means for an object to have power, and how
that power can be destructive, subversive.
5.) “Urban(a) Visions” by Danielle Chynoweth
Music: April 17th:
6:00-6:30PM Megan Johns
6:40-7:10 Morgan Orion and the Constellations
7:20-7:50 Kate & James Hathaway
8:05-8:35 Headlights touring band/TBA
8:50-9:35 Headlights
9:50-10:20 Sunset Stallion
10:35-11:05 Common Loon
11:20-11:50 Santa
12:05-12:50 JigGsaw
1:00-3:00AM Dance Party w/DJ Belly & Wildcard.
Music April 18th:
6:00-6:30PM Oceans
6:40-7:10 Mordechai
7:25-7:55 Curb Service
8:10-8:40 Agent Mos
8:55-9:25 Organic Flow
9:40-10:10 World’s Worst Flying Machine
10:25-10:55 New Ruins
11:10-11:40 We Landed on the Moon
11:55-12:40 Elsinore
12:50-3:00AM Dance Party.
Music April 19th:
4:00-4:30PM The Diamond Stretch
4:45-5:15 We Must Dismantle All This!
5:25-5:55 Clarabelle,
6:05-6:35 Mars
6:50-7:20 Yossarian
7:35-8:05 Post-Historic
8:15-8:45 Casados
8:55-9:25 Michael Kammin
9:40-10:20 Duke of Uke-With Short Film
10:35-11:25PM Kilborn Alley

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