My Quest For A More Informed Future Generation

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”Idle hands are the devils playground”, or some ominous saying of that nature, is a
good way to begin describing why I started my blog. However, I do not believe in the
imminent physical manifestation of the devil, nor do I consider myself an especially
acerbic or patronizing person. What I mean to point out is that I am an adamant
believer in civil engagement. I think a pro-active, forward thinking, and socially
aware public is a necessity, especially among my peers. As a student at the University
of Illinois, I am frequently frustrated as to how uninformed and ultimately apathetic
the majority of the student body is to events that affect our lives and shape
our future. I am very concerned with a lot of issues happening around the world, be
it environmental, economic, or political. I think that the structure of a lot of our
institutions and the ways in which we look at the world are outdated and in need of
serious adjustment. A new enlightenment, if you will.
The times are a-changin’ and without an informed democracy we will be robbed of
our essential rights, to have our voices heard, and to change the world as we see fit.
I write about such matters, from local to international, in hopes of increasing positive
discussion on campus and on the net. Sometimes crude, often sarcastic, I infuse
the entries with my own self-proclaimed witty commentary. Nevertheless, I always
strive to make the subjects of my posts relevant. My intentions are not to spark
blind and angry debate, but merely raise issues that deserve open discussion. So
leave any ideologies at the door, open your mind, your eyes, and maybe you’ll find
something you think is important and perhaps we can change it, together. Here is
the link to the blog, which I have cleverly titled. “Brady’s Blog.”

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