New Book of Poetry from Aaron Ammons

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A second book of poetry is now out from local poet Aaron Ammons, a.k.a. A-Dub,
titled As I Travel My Creation. It includes dozens of new poems such as “Do I Remember,”
reprinted below. This self-published book was funded in part by a grant from
the Urbana Arts Council and includes drawings by artist Chris Evans. It can be purchased
directly from the author. It will also be available at Centennial High School
Library, Urbana Public Library, IMC Library, and the Chamapign County jail libraries.
Aaron is host of S.P.E.A.K. Café, an open mic poetry event that takes place the second
Thursday of the month Oct. 7, and Nov. 11, 7 p.m., at Krannert Art Museum.
Do I Remember, by Aaron Ammons
Jumpin’ fences and scarrin’ up my arms
Throwin’ thousand dollar packs
Under lawn… mowers
Outside for hours
Duckin’ cops
In the same clothes and no showers
Bathin’ in cash and dime bags
In the window, for Sandy
And the cats in the jag
‘Cuz crack has, no preference
My supplier was my reference
Up early in the morning with no hesitance
Driven by customer residents, on the 1st
From the 2nd – 14th, I was underneath
Emerging again on the 15th
Totin’ pistols and scanners
New gear and gold my banners
Hated by many
So they tore down the Manors,
But the whole “Paign” is where I served
And momma couldn’t believe my nerve,
I couldn’t either,
My woman was outta’ line because I wouldn’t beat her?
Across the street from the preacher
I sneak a peak at the truth
But I was caught up in the game
Selling hell to the youth, through pregnant queens
I had to get paid, and this was my means,
First a solo,
Now I’m building a team
That I’ll regret before its over though,
Now I can’t sleep at night because of the shame
Wondering how many brothers and sisters did I turn out
Just by bringing them to the game!
Do I Remember?
Did I mention myself?
And that the same shit I sold like a slave
Destroyed my health
And had me on the threshold of my grave,
With visions of suicide
Where addiction
And loneliness collide
I paid the price for this ride!
Do I Remember?
Losing my nerve and the desire to serve
But there was a huge glitch
I wanted to use dope to get high now
Instead of rich
Ain’t that a twist?
I started off with diamonds on my wrist,
Now the bags I clinch in my fist are for my personal use,
Finding out first hand what an addict will do,
I’m feeling like, “man this ain’t right”,
My power is turned off
So I’m cooking dope in a spoon
And smoking it by candlelight!
Hiding in my basement
But ain’t nobody chasin’ but me,
From the top to the bottom, so suddenly,
Or so it seems,
But it’s been years that I can’t replace
And I wish they were just dreams,
So Hell,
I Remember.

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